Author. Books. Extras. Music. Blog. Home · Stefan Bachmann. Books. A Drop of Night peculiar whatnot2 CabinetofCuriosities_finalcover2 slashergirls. Author. The international bestseller and debut novel by teenage author and classical musician Stefan Bachmann is part murder mystery, part gothic fantasy, part clock. . Book Review by Sarah L. Mason pages Greenwillow Books Stefan Bachmann’s steampunk murder mystery, The Peculiar, is an inventive story about a.

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We’ve emailed you instructions for claiming your free e-book. I have to say that this book was beautifully written.

The Peculiar

When he sees the only boy he can call a companion, his neighbor who lives across the street, taken by a woman in plum, his life spins out of control. Epic Reads young adult.

Bart and his sister have a sad life, having to live hidden as they do because being Peculiars, their lives are forfeit if they get caught. I was under the mistaken impression from the jacket that Bartholomew was a human changeling living with the fae because of the authors usage of the term changeling to mean half-blooded faery. Hapless and lacking in ambition, Jelliby was syefan content to simply enjoy the perks of his position and remain largely ineffectual.

Books – Stefan Bachmann

It is now up to him to find her. The Peculiar has an amazing world, filled with imaginative details.

The Peculiar is filled with dark gothic elements, mixed with steampunk details and tied together in a fantasy-esque fairy tale. A creative and wonderful world told through a youthful mind but enjoyable by all. Not to be confused with a new steampunk novel for teens with the title of The Peculiarsby Maureen McQuerry This is by no means a common tale bachmann its characters by no means are common folks.


Be peculiae first to discover new talent! When you say “It’s magic” then you’re referring to me. His thoughts and actions were predominantly tied to the main action of the plot, and I would have liked to have seen more of his character and personality under less dire circumstances. The novel begins with the narration of how fairies crossed over from fairyland to Bath and the war that ensued as humans and fairies battled for supremacy with the humans finally retaining their superior status.

The writing is very assured and the story is imaginative. What’s it all about? When Hettie is taken, Bartholomew must find her and put an end to the killings. Even though the boy is out to rescue his sister, we don’t know either that well, and at first we really don’t see the attachment he has to his sister. One moment you could be on a bustling thoroughfare, dodging tram wheels and dung piles, and trying not to be devoured by the wolves that pulled the carriages, and the next you could be hopelessly lost in a maze of narrow streets with nothing but gaunt old houses stopping overhead, blocking out the sky.

A changeling, born with both human and faery blood. It is here that Bartholomew Kettle, a Peculiar, lives in the faery slums. He was stronger than them. If you have very sweet idea of faery folks being beautiful and charming, then let me warn you, they are charming indeed but a very haunting way.

Book Review: The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann | Gulf Stream Literary Magazine

An absolute treat for readers of any age. He breathes fresh life into ancient magic. An imaginative and creative world successfully illustrated through the words of a young mind. Our Blogtour for The Peculiar has kicked off!

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The characterization was a bit weak, but it was redeemed by the sense that the characters were swept up in a rush of inevitabilit The Peculiar is wonderfully written and the worldbuilding is inventive and excellent. Book Club Girl book clubs. What does she want? I always commented books that can be turn into a comic because on how the author describes the scenes and characters wonderfully.

Harper Voyager science fiction and fantasy. There is some excellent world building here and I really peculiqr the idea of a London where faery had unwillingly taken residence.

Clearly his mother had been willing enough to have children with a fae father twice, but why does that father not live with them or help them? Apr 09, Alison rated it it was ok. Remember Siegfried and Roy and their huge kitten damn that kitten!

Humans and fae are at war and then we jump to see the fae holding government office without any clear shefan of the passage of time. His life is formed by following the most important rule he knows: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: