19 Oct Hello SAP GurusDoes anoyone has documentation about Vendavo Price and Margin Management?? What I’m specially looking for is Vendavo and SAP. Today’s top 33 Sap Vendavo jobs in United States. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New Sap Vendavo jobs added daily. Are all of these costs being tracked and allocated per each transaction? • Are strategies in place that are reflective of the customer segmentation? • Are winning .

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Crystal can connect vdndavo MANY different types of databases. Add value without changing core processes by extending functionality of your other SAP software Increase profit margins and improve product mix by optimizing product ssp Increase deal close rates by setting target prices optimized for each customer Eliminate pricing errors and reduce margin leakage by gaining greater control over pricing policies Click here for more information.

You have cut costs and sold unwanted assets and have made your company a lean mean machine. We have approximately 12 different vendors who supply various data feeds for our reports which can get confusing sometimes.

When the analysis is done and lessons are learnt, there is a strong need to bring discipline in making Pricing decisions. Playbooks is another module that Vendavo offers, to make better use of your Analytics. It’s quite cumbersome, but I know how to use it fairly well. The Deal Manager module tends to get slow when the line item size is large and if we have nested line items it gets slower. Vendavo General Free Trial —. He has been a Solution Architect for various Vendavo customers and has been involved in end-to-end implementations of Vendavo.


For that you need to create Rules and Policies for them to follow. Equip your Sales team.

Policies can be maintained on various dimensions of the business which include your Product Portfolio, Geographies, Customer and Sales Hierarchies. The Deal Manager module is great at negotiation.

A charismatic personality, Babu has a solution to all your Pricing questions. You are trying to make an elephant dance and it is proving to be a futile exercise. I have not used any other products similar to Vendavo.

SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo, pricing analytics powered by HANA on Vimeo

We have our Pricing methodology in place. Everything seems to be going right, but something is wrong. It combines the power of analytics price setting and helps in deal management to a great extent. Without compromising too much on your business process Vendavo deal manager can be implemented to different business units of a large organization. Vendavo has a very good workflow configuration process.

Online Knowledge Product SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo

When they make deals, there will be a degree of leeway within which they will be able to negotiate and close the deal. It’s also not really suited to doing ad-hoc reporting for most users because it is more technical than some other reporting tools. Click here for more information.

Protiviti Management Consultingemployees. Webi is great for quick ad-hoc reports or data analyses. Vendavo is very flexible to implement to different businesses. A soft spoken person, Nihar is an avid reader of books and people. You have done everything in your ambit to make your organization more profitable.

Kudos to you, if you have a Pricing team. A kid in a candy store is no match. Deal Manager helps in creating various kinds of deals well before rolling out the Invoices for the various transactions. With all participants on board from the sketch board to Move to production MTPit helps us in communicating better and the constant checkpoints helps us to identify problem areas and plan for them effectively. Since it is a continuous cycle of multiple sprints, the customer is able to see the improvements in the Product on a real-time basis.


Cons The option to export to Excel is very picky about report format to get a clean export.

These deals provide guidance for the transactions done in a day-to-day business. Investment Bankingemployees. It can control price variation vnedavo margin reduction with appropriate workflow process. I’ve also run into issues with my login. You have escaped from the jaws of oblivion.

More stuff

I could have done most of these reports by linking tables together in Crystal and using Crystal’s filter and suppression features, but putting the logic in the query means that Crystal is processing less data so the report is faster.

This is not something that can or should necessarily be changed, but it is something that potential users need to be aware of. By doing that, he will be able to see how your Product mix is behaving, how your Customers and Salespersons are reacting to the prices. Integrity of the data is a challenging thing but if it is set correct it can identify the leakages in the margin and also spa identify the pricing opportunities.

SAP Crystal vs Vendavo.