NORSOK standard M Edition 5, October NORSOK standard Page 3 of Foreword 5. Introduction 5 1 Scope 6 2 Normative and informative. M Rev Dec. This NORSOK standard is developed by NTS with broad industry participation. Please note that whilst every effort has been made to . NORSOK M Structural steel fabrication. standard by NORSOK, 10/01/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Language: English. Available.

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Test piece for all weld metal test specimens in steel, nickel and nickel alloys. Tools for check and measurements norsok m 101 be described and shall be available during operations.

If you need norsok m 101 jorsok able to add standards to the monitoring service, you must register as a user with your own username and password. CTOD testing is not required for production testing.

NORSOK Structural Steel Fabrication M – PDF Free Download

The intention of onrsok annex is to give dimensional tolerances which will ascertain that: Applicable tool for grinding is normally a rotary burr or stone of 6 to 8 mm diameter when a single tool hammer is used and 10 to 12 mm when a needle morsok is used.

Wherever tolerances are not shown on the drawings, or specified elsewhere, fabrication work shall be accurate to norsok m 101 10 mm of all nominal dimensions. The requirement for minimum CTOD value shall be prescribed by the designer. When weld defects are removed by grinding only, the final weld surface and the transition to the base material shall be smooth. Length – Max Dev. The grid system defines the 3D position of any item within a completed structure.

Your consent to nofsok cookies if you continue to use this website. The survey reference system should be norsok m 101 within the following tolerances: Non destructive examination of welds – Radiographic examination of welded joints.

Type of defect shall be decided by: Design drawings norsok m 101 show areas of welds where testing is mandatory. Out of straightness in X and Y direction Position deviation Inclination Out of straightness of web normal to web web buckles Fig.


The notch shall be located within the plastically strained portion of the material, in the part of the cross section which have received the highest strain. Welds containing cracks shall not be repaired, until the reason for the cracking has been determined.

Personnel monitoring dimensions and tolerances shall have relevant training in use and norsok m 101 of instruments, and subsequent calculations, enabling them to perform all necessary controls of own work performance. Temporary cut outs shall have a corner radius not less than mm.

The defect rate is defined as: NDT – General principles for radiographic examination of metallic materials norsok m 101 X-rays and gamma rays. The layout of the reference system may be specially designed to suit the task at hand and the methods chosen for controls.

Selection of a better steel norsok m 101 level in fabrication than the minimum required by the designer shall not lead to more stringent requirements in fabrication. A real or imaginary line that is equidistant from the surface or sides of the measured object. The manufacturer shall have a quality norsok m 101, which fulfil the relevant part of EN and the applicable level of EN Shall is an absolute requirement which shall be followed strictly in order to conform with the standard.

Suspect planar indications discovered by RT shall be type determined, located and sized by UT.

Matching holes for bolted connections shall not exceed 2 mm difference onrsok location. The straightness deviation over norxok length L norsok m 101, shall norsok m 101 exceed 0. The maximum deviation from the nominal radius, measured at ringstiffeners or at bulkheads shall not exceed the value: Causes for defects shall immediately be investigated and corrective actions shall be taken to prevent further occurrence.

Welding – Visual examination of fusion welded joints. Remember me Forgot password? Prequalification with mock-up structures shall apply if there is a risk for high restraint in welding or erection.


The required fracture toughness level shall be decided in design for joints when steel quality norsok m 101 I and II are required. SAW fluxes do not require individual testing, while SAW wires shall be tested in combination with a selected, nominal batch of flux. All welding and testing of welds to carbon steel structures shall as a minimum comply with norsok m 101 requirements for the structure to which they are attached.

Norsok m ed 5 , Oct _百度文库

Sensitivity level shall be in norsok m 101 with EN part 3, Class A. Repair welding may only be carried out twice in the same area. SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies.

Additional holes are allowed and recommended Page 23 of 36 Structural steel fabrication Table 9. Welding – Welded joints in metallic materials – Specimen location and notch orientation for impact tests. The detailed deviation reports shall norsok m 101 available at all stages in fabrication, and shall be submitted on request. Defects spaced less than mm shall be repaired as one continuous defect.

NORSOK Structural Steel Fabrication M-101

Specification of detailed and more stringent tolerances for intermediate and final interfaces may also be necessary in order to meet the requirements of this annex in the completed structure.

Above 12 m length norsok m 101. The numerical value should be the same for all disciplines and packages. The ultrasonic operator’s assessment of the defect, using his knowledge of the welding process, signal geometry, defect position etc.

The base material properties shall satisfy the specified requirements after straightening. In general, RT should be norsok m 101 if UT norsokk not possible.