Chemical resistance An adaptation of Annex H of ABNT NBR [11] standard, with reagents commonly used in household products, was used. ABNT—Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas () NBR — Specification and methods of test W Walter, Timothy, 75 Wang, Feng, Wang, . Get the methods according to norm NBR and ISO requirements. Description. Eliane S/A Revestimentos Cermicos Rua Maximiliano Gaidzinski

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Class 3 — Residential and commercial dependences without nbr 13818 with the outside world — Light traffic of people. Ceusa products usage classes are listed below:. How nbr 13818 qualify the ceramic tiles as to the absorption? What are usage classes and what do they indicate? The advantage is that the size indicated on the package is exactly the size of manufacturing of nbr 13818 product, regardless of the batch. The products that are indicated for exclusive use in walls also do not present nbr 13818 classification of PEI.

These are cracks Cobweb that occur on the surface of enameled ceramic plates, only on the enamel, due to expansion of the base mass. What is abrasion resistance PEI? Where does the standard specifies these tolerances? What is the advantage of purchasing monoshade products? The porcelain tiles standard specifies tolerances as below:.


Ceramic tiles and nbr 13818 stoneware rectified with a single size for all production batches. Error Please try again later.

Ceusa Revestimentos Ceramicos | Frequently Asked Questions

What types of porcelain tiles exist? What are monocaliber products?

Do all products nbr 13818 PEI? In case a complement nbr 13818 the work is needed, a change of any part, the additional lot purchased will be in the same shade. What is the importance of sorting by shade and size? What are monoshade products?

Ceramic products feature tolerances as to the geometrical characteristics. The standard on ceramic plates establishes the tolerance according to water absorption group to nbr 13818 the product belongs. It is a single mass that gets its color through the nbr 13818 and decoration.

This way, all materials containing enameled on the surface will have PEI, defined by the manufacturer, in accordance with the technical standards. It is the wear resistance of the nbr 13818 surface, caused by the traffic nbr 13818 people, contact with abrasive dirt and moving objects. Nbr 13818 higher the PEI, the greater the wear resistance of the enamel. There are two types of porcelain tiles on the market, Technical porcelain and Enameled porcelain.

The observer must stand 1 meter away from the panel with the nbr 13818 to be evaluated, and examine for the existence of defects, as for example: In the same environment you must use product boxes identified with the same number of shade and size.


Business hours – 8 a. Confirm with your email. Usage classes are specifications of usage of the products, where the places where the product can be seated are specified. The intentional effects existing in the surface of plates should not be considered as a defect, as for example, spots and purposeful crackled effect, color movements. For these, deep abrasion test on surface of ceramic plates is conducted.

It is the one that receives the decoration and color in the mass itself: What is the advantage of purchasing monocaliber products? These nbr 13818 porcelain tiles and tiles in which all batches are produced in the same shade.

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Class 4 — All residential and nbr 13818 dependences of medium traffic without transit of equipment — Stores without stocks, halls of hotels. The absorption group of nbg product is indicated on the packaging. In enameled products, as the technical porcelain tiles, PEI test is not conducted, therefore, they do not have this nbr 13818.