HOME EXERCISE PROGRAM FOR SCOLIOSIS. PATIENT INSTRUCTIONS. Scoliosis is a term used to describe any abnormal, sideways curvature of the spine. 21 Jun In fact, substantial advances have been made in scoliosis exercise programs over the last 10 years and It is an offshoot of Klapp and Schroth. Exercise Program for Functional and Structural Scoliosis . Klapp determined the IP for the maximum straightening effects on a precise point of spinal axis.

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All must be selected for the specific curve problem and fitted to each patient. Postural assessment of girls between 7 and 10 years of age.

Postural changes in children have been increasingly diagnosed at an early age. Moreover, it is difficult to compare these results with ours, because the measurement was not through angular measures and it was unrelated to the gold standard, which is Cobb angle.

Klapp method is a scoliosis management method that has clinical utility klapps exercises for scoliosis outpatient services and primary care, by allowing the physical therapist to provide individual and klapps exercises for scoliosis care, added to its self-management capacity for those participating in scoliosiis program.


If the imbalance is more marked, treatment may involve stretching of the tight Tensor fasciae latae and Iliotibial band and use of a lift on the low side. Tilt the pelvis, pull away from the front exercixes the girdle. Inhale deeply, spread the ribs and press the chest wall backward toward theposterior uprights.

Quantitative photogrammetric analysis of the Klapp method for treating idiopathic scoliosis.

They restore the normal shape, function and mobility of the spine. Hold a ball overhead and raise straight up. MRI evaluation of multifidus muscles in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Exerckses in a chair, lean forward with tummy on your knees, hands behind your head.


In this study, it was observed significant improvement in spine extensor muscle strength in IG compared to post-intervention CG. Keeping the hands in position, the object of the exercise is to bring the two hands closer by contracting the abdominal muscleswithout flexing the trunk.

It is not surprising, thereforethat the usefulness of exercises in case of scoliosis has been questioned. Active movement zcoliosis also be initiated within the limit of pain.

Scoliosis Exercises

Physiopedia is not a substitute for professional advice or expert medical services from a qualified healthcare provider.

With waist at edge of table, raise trunk and arms in straight line to table. When treating patients with S-curvesone must avoid exercises that adversely affect one of the curves, while attempting to correct the other. Toggle navigation p Physiopedia. This assessment consists in acquisition of standardized photographs regarding positioning of the volunteer and camera, and marking of anatomical landmarks.

Quantitative photogrammetric analysis of the klapp method for treating idiopathic scoliosis

Rev Assoc Med Bras, It is a unique method, which uses crawling on all fours to correct body posture by reducing pressure on the spine and optimizing use of back extensors. BMC Musculoskelet Disord, This happens because the curve in the spine rotates the chest and closes down the space available for the lungs and heart. The object is to use asymmetrical exercises to bring about optical symmetry.

Gibbosity was analyzed by two rulers, that informed values in centimeters of gibbosity. Scoliozis were randomly selected should have had idiopathic scoliosis, and reported a good overall health status.

Predicting growth and curve progression in the individual patient with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: Tendinosis is intratendinous atrophy and degeneration with a relative absence of inflammation; a palpable nodule may be present over tendon. Scoliosis is a complex postural problem. It was a nonsurgical method established with the aim of klapsp the spinal curvature by stretching and strenghthening the back muscles.

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Evaluation of body posture in individuals with internal temporomandibular joint derangement journal of craniomandibular pratice. There were no changes in the vertebral curvatures and nor improvements in head positioning. Despite being a method with few scientific publications, it is used frequently in some clinical settings, since it is feasible to be applied in small groups and it can be an advantageous technique to be used in settings where individualized care cannot be offered due to the volume of patients.

Physical exercises as a treatment for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. All anatomic marks were traced by the same examiner with white, 0.

Klapp exercises

Eur Spine J, Posture analyses pre-and post-interventions All pre- and post-intervention posture photographs were analyzed by the same examiner using the ALCimagem software. Saudi Med Jkpapps, Active movement must also be initiated within the limit of pain.

The person who monitors this exercise should stand behind the subject as the exercise is being performed to be sure that both curves are being corrected at the same time.

Arms at your sides, palm down. Sit Indian style with back as flat as possible to the wall.

After this exercise, the subjects were requested to slide their trunk and upper limbs towards the convex side of the scoliosis, which was the “lateral sliding” exercise 14,26,27 Figure klappss. Exercises accomplished by the participants underwent the Klapp method intervention 1 Lateral crawl; 2 Horizontal sliding; 3 Crawl posture near the ground; 4 Bunny hopping; 5 Arm turn; 6 Big arch; 7 Lateral crawl near the ground; 8 Big curve.

Therefore, such primitive positions would allow vertebrae repositioning, leading to spine realignment