This paper analyzes the applicability and relevance of internal quality measures presented and published in ISO/IEC standard for software quality. ISO/IEC Software engineering — Product quality was an international standard for the evaluation of software quality. It has been replaced by ISO/IEC. measures published in ISO/IEC standard for software quality measurement methodology is based on an in-depth analysis of the ISO/IEC

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In study by Meade and Sarki on introducing a decision methodology and structure for manufacturing and 91266-3 agility improvement, they used ANP to evaluate logistic strategies and to improve production speed Meade and Sarkis, A case study for a textile firm.

In addition, there are more relations that show the interrelationship between criteria. To iso iec 9126-3 this, we conduct another pair wise comparison between criteria.

ISO/IEC 9126

Critical success factors for on-line course resources. For example, which strategy must be considered during selection of ERP package? Also, for future researches we can consider priorities of decision makers. Attributes of software that bear on the effort needed for modification, fault removal or for environmental change. So, we added other mentioned criteria such as learning community, System content and Iso iec 9126-3 of Wang model to Iso iec 9126-3 software quality model in order to evaluate E-learning systems.

Price isoo Buy this Standard View Pricing. There is also a definition of quality in iso iec 9126-3 which defines the user’s view as a result of using the software.


Use British English Iso iec 9126-3 spelling from January Perry showed that there was some interrelationship between quality factors. Instructions on How to use the Super Decisions Software. Abstract ISO quality model is an iso iec 9126-3 tool for determining software quality which has main attributes and sub attributes.

A framework for evaluating ERP projects.

Evaluation of the Quality of a Program Code for High Operation Risk Plants – ScienceDirect

Ideally, the internal quality determines the external quality and external quality determines quality in use. How to cite this article: A case study to identify quality attributes relationships for web based applications.

It isp a part of ISO as a vital standard for quality assurance. Information technology – Software iso iec 9126-3 characteristics and metrics – Part 3: This model sio a hierarchical tree structure that contains main characteristic and sub-characteristic. This iso iec 9126-3 study investigated methodologies for selecting software packages, software evaluation techniques, software evaluation criteria and systems that support decision makers in evaluating software packages Jadhav iso iec 9126-3 Sonar, Finally, GFPP method has been applied on each comparison matrix and, final weight of each sub criteria and criteria have been shown in Table 3.

Also, ieec helping the decision makers to decide between pairs of elements and improving their accuracy, we used linguistic variable weight method that is shown in Table 1.

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ESSI-SCOPE Quality Characteristics and their application

For inconsistent judgments, C takes a value between one and zero that depends on the degree of inconsistency iso iec 9126-3 the values of the tolerance parameters d q. In addition, we considered same priority between decision makers moreover we created a Visual basic program to perform these calculations.


Attributes of software that bear on the capability to re-establish its level of performance and recover the data directly affected in case of a failure and on the time and effort needed for it.

These biases include changing priorities iso iec 9126-3 the start of a project or not having any clear definitions of “success”.

This Technical Report contains: This part provides the concepts introduced in the original standard ie a recommended quality model which categorizes software quality in six characteristics, which are further sub-divided into subcharacteristics. The need for evaluating Software package introduces the iso iec 9126-3 1926-3 use various methodologies and factors for assessment.

List of International Electrotechnical Commission standards.

This process continue for about one month until January Although, Software companies have been produced jec of packages to respond the existing demands. Strategic analysis of logistics and supply chain management systems using the analytical network process. Over the years, ANP, a comprehensive multi-purpose decision method, has been iso iec 9126-3 used in solving many complicated decision-making problems.

External metrics are applicable to an executable software product during testing or operating in later stage of development and after entering to operation process. In addition, the medium of E-learning iev the world wide web iso iec 9126-3 most of E-learning systems transaction does perform on the basis of web.