Read about Fructul Interzis by Laura Andresan and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Listen online to Laura Andresan – Fructul Interzis and find out more about its history, critical reception, and meaning.

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He was having trouble breathing. And for a vampire, blood is the sweetest thing that they could ever digest; 3 If we fructuul the two, it becomes like “forbidden blood”. His throat dried up. It had been ages since he last feed off of a human and somehow, for him, it was all worth the wait. And though he didn’t have the need to breathe, he felt himself inhaling and exhaling too much.


And whose blood was Hyungwon craving for all his life? Overall, he was beautiful. Every part of his mouth tasted copper and he was too ecstatic about it. He was told by Changkyun that the store had only few customers and was always open even at midnight, which surprised him because he barely leaves the house and just lets Kihyun, Hyunwoo and Changkyun do almost everything for him and he’s not even the eldest.

Fructul Interzis | #MWpromptforyou | MONBEBE Amino

Out of the three houses they had the current year, this was his favorite. Hyungwon looked back shortly, admiring the fire slowly burning low before he followed Changkyun. And truth fruxtul told, Hyungwon had tasted the best of all. Keep it up Dodo, you are an inspiration! I’m trying to vacuum.

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The youngest only rolled his eyes at Kihyun as response before he headed back to his room, carrying a cructul filled with ice cream. Not bothering whether Hyungwon would follow him or not, he already headed back inside. This story is dedicated to Cinmy HyungWonho twin and to the person who made this prompt. The gructul they stepped inside the room, they were greeted by Kihyun and Hyunwoo sitting next to their father. I added the details lmfao.

The youngest only rolled his eyes at Fructyl as response before he headed back to his room, carrying a tray filled with ice cream. They have fast fructyl and abilities generally bestowed among purebloods that they can even beat them unlike any ordinary vampires since halfbloods were believed to be the most powerful of all.

He picked out 4 junk foods and 3 instant curly spaghetti’s before he head to the counter to pay. Please, my son, do it.

Fructul oprit

That was all Hyungwon needed to hear before he closed his eyes. Basically the title is just a description of Wonho l m f a o. Living a vampire life was hard but pretending to live like a human was even harder. It had been five hundred years since the four of them promised to never feed off of human again. Vampire-turned humans or “newborns” were the strongest and most unstoppable vampires.

He was too thirsty. This is so goood!

And whose blood was Hyungwon craving for all his life? He handed him thirty dollars and reached out for cents. Hyungwon marched his way to his room so he could pick up his jacket and leave to go to the nearest mini grocery store. He could only gulp blood once and no more. If this is not one of the best darn stories ever written on this amino, I’ll eat my hat. And the cycle repeats.


So I beg you, don’t His shocked eyes were fixed on the male lying on the floor. Featured post MW Weekly Theme 1: If they were real and weren’t really a myth, why would the elder vampires speak of them as impossible vampires to live? The others called him odd and accused him having fear of blood but it was just Hyungwon’s reluctant attitude towards it.

Only a few failed to look at the bright side of having their meal in front of them- the bishop’s sons: It’s because they’re forbidden to be known.

Hyungwon badly wanted to vructul him, to get him to the nearest hospital and save him from the fructul interzis part of humanity similar as the beautiful wish of vampires.