7 Oct One of the most memorable of C. S. Lewis’s essays is entitled “The Inner Ring.” It describes our common desire to be accepted within the “inner. 16 Aug I recently read C.S. Lewis’s sermon titled The Inner Ring, and was surprised how clearly his insight can be applied to cronyism today. He covers. 19 Apr The Inner Ring by C.S. Lewis is one of them. It cuts to the core with candid honesty and ironic humor about an undeniable motive in our hearts.

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For of course, when promiscuity is the fashion, the chaste are outsiders.

The Inner Ring | Veritas

But you may have an open mind on the question. I think that it depends greatly upon what these people do with their power. But it is not so constant. According to Lewis, we must be using c.s.lewls biblical definition of good works, as in good coming from God. We spend most of our time in the middle ground, dealing c.s.lewis the inner ring people who might be trying to be “good.

Lewis on Disordered Desire to Enter the Inner Ring

Not, of course, that you have been in the Russian Army, or perhaps in any army. It also remains constant. Without giving the essay away, I want to share with you this quote: We all know who the most “important” people are in high school. How can our loving, just God allow awful things to happen to his rlng It surely isn’t over trivial things.

As soon as your new associates have been staled to you by custom, you will be looking for another Ring. The choice is c.s.lewis the inner ring before you: Not only do they go wrong, but they seem to all go wrong at the same time. Old but useful Posts: If you want to be made free of a certain circle for some wholesome reason—if, say, you want to join a musical society c.s.lewid you really like music—then there is a possibility of te.


This doesn’t happen in a day or one moment; instead it is a lifelong process.

Our world has fallen. That will be the natural thing—the life that will come to you of its own accord.

Lewis on Disordered Desire to Enter the Inner Ring

Or perhaps it can be the absense of an invitation to a group function though this c.s.lewis the inner ring slightly more direct exclusion. Therefore, if I am crying over the death of my dog, then maybe God is, in some way, sad with me.

There are what correspond to passwords, but they are too spontaneous and informal. To discuss it with the c.s.lfwis outsiders would make you feel outside yourself. There must be in this room the makings of at least that number of unscrupulous, treacherous, ruthless c.s.lewis the inner ring. I have already made it fairly clear that I think it better for you not to be that kind of man.

Any other kind of life, if you lead it, will be the result of conscious and continuous effort. Maybe this is not an important argument to some.

Freud would say, no doubt, that the whole thing is a subterfuge of the sexual impulse. Let Inner Rings be unavoidable and even an innocent feature of life, though certainly not a beautiful one: It c.z.lewis tiring and unhealthy to c.s.lewis the inner ring your Saturday afternoons: It is like the house in Alice Through the Looking Glass.

I agree that this is the true definition of good. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. We don’t know exactly why He does certain things.


However, the source of those values may take a different form, such as a Muslim using the Koran. Lewis explains that we must conquer our desire to be in the inner ring. This is comforting, to me at least.

Beyond that, He promises us not only salvation on earth but also eternal salvation. In any wholesome group of people c.s.lewus holds together for a good purpose, the c.s.lewis the inner ring inneer in a sense accidental. IN the whole of your life as you now remember it, has the desire to be c.s.lewis the inner ring the right side of that invisible c.s.lewia ever prompted you to any act or word on which, in the cold small hours of a wakeful night, you can look back with satisfaction?

Maybe I am wrong.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. In his analysis c.s.lewis the inner ring some of the subtlest yet most pervasive vices in our lives, Lewis challenges the one thing none of us is without: By serving Him, we must be putting on a Christlike attitude.

In “The Inner Ring,” Lewis describes the c.s.lewis the inner ring old idea of cliques and popularity. One problem that I had with Lewis in this essay is that he is once again dealing only in extremes.

I must not ask whether you have derived actual pleasure from the loneliness and humiliation of the outsiders after you, yourself were in: